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Looking for a Sciatica Specialist to Help Relieve Sciatica Nerve Pain?

Sciatica Treatment by a professional can help decrease your pain and discomfort dramatically...

Dr. Amin Javid's approach is to find and treat the fundamental cause of pain and discomfort, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Dr. Javid has hundreds of extremely satisfied patients, who's lives have been transformed from their treatment at Beverly Hills Spine and Rehabilitation.

Our office is equipped with state-of-art apparatuses, focusing on a comprehensive approach that is individualized for each patient. Chronic and acute conditions are addressed non-surgically in a comfortable, contemporary setting.

We proudly utilize the most advanced innovations in clinical treatment.

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Sciatica Treatment Specialist FAQ

Can Beverly Hills Spine & Rehabilitation treat my sciatica?

Beverly Hills Spine & Rehabilitation, we have specialized in neuropathies sciatica being a neuropathy. It’s something we definitely do treat. We’ve had tremendous patient success with sciatica and other compressive neuropathies. Ideally, we want to make sure what is causing the sciatica-like symptoms and what anatomical level we need to address. This becomes the main issue. And we have various, non-invasive, safe, proven methods to address these issues.

What are the causes of sciatica?

The causes of sciatica are various. And sciatica is really just an umbrella name for compressive neuropathy. Most commonly, sciatica true root sciatica is caused by disc herniation that’s impeding on the nerve that’s sending signals, numbness and tingling, all the way down to the toes. There are other various forms of sciatica that are oftentimes mis-diagnosed. For example, Piriformis Syndrome which is a muscle that is located in the gluteal or pelvic region that sits right in front of the sciatic nerve. Oftentimes, that muscle can cause sciatica-like symptoms as well.

What are symptoms of sciatica?

Sciatica symptoms are based on where the sciatic nerve is actually being impeded. When you think of the largest nerve in our body, which is the width of two fingers put together, you realize that there are several points where the sciatic nerve could be impeded upon.

One, like we mentioned previously, is a disc that may be pushing on the sciatic nerve at the root, at the base of our spine, in which case, you would have symptoms from the low back usually all the way down to the toes.

People come in here and tell me, “You know, I feel numbness and tingling going down my backside, but it kind of stops at the knee.” If I those symptoms stop at the knee, it’s usually not sciatica. It’s facet. It’s facet-related. It’s the joint in your mine. So, it’s important to go to a physician who is knowledgeable and competent in the presentation of true sciatica to be able to distinguish it from other dysfunctions.

How can chiropractic adjustments reduce my sciatic pain?

So, manipulation of osseous structures in the human body can help reduce neurological pain, meaning mechanical issues that are causing neurological deficits by, one, identifying what the impediment on the nerve is, what direction. And that takes a lot of skill. It takes a lot of testing and truly listening to the patient’s body and seeing how they react to certain movemetns, certain orthopedic exams and, just simply, palpation to locate patient’s pain.

Once this is identified, if the patient is a candidate for manipulation, then manipulation would likely help the patient tremendously. Manipulation is only one tool in a vast arsenal that we have to address compressive neuropathies such as sciatica.


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